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Chacon's Sweet Workshops

Hello, and welcome to Chacon's Sweet Workshops!

These workshops will provide you with what you need to run a successful baking business right out of your home kitchen.

How awesome is that?

Do you have to have experience to run a home baking business? Absolutely not. I started my home baking business with no experience at all.

I simply wanted to bake my grandmother’s recipes—as well as my own—to cure sweet tooth cravings across the map . . . and make a profit while I was at it. Sweet, right? The only thing not so sweet about it was trying to figure out where to start, and what my first steps should be.

This is why I started “Chacon’s Sweet Workshops.”


With my workshops to guide you, in just a fragment of the time it took me to get my business up and running, you’ll be on your way to starting your own! So why waste time researching the steps it takes to get started, when you could be baking? My workshops are the recipe to your baking business success.


The workshop I instruct dives into why you may want to start a homebased baking business, and why this is the right career path for you. Get things cooking by going to Eventbrite to register for my workshop today. ALL BAKERS WELCOME!!

Questions you can email me 
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